Peter was the first English-language reporter in Yemen to delve into allegations that former president Ali Abdullah Saleh had been instrumental in the takeover of Sana’a by a Shia militia known as the Houthis for Businessweek, reported on alleged human rights abuses committed by the Yemeni army in an inaccessible region of central Yemen for the humanitarian newswire IRIN, and, along with Vice’s Ben Anderson, broke the news that the UK had likely broken the Convention on Cluster Munitions when British aeroplanes flown by the Saudi Arabian airforce dropped US-made cluster bombs in northern Yemen.

Other major pieces include Yemen's Astonishing Financial Meltdown, an exposé of the near-bankruptcy of the Yemeni state; From Outcasts to Kingmakers, a deep-dive into the rise of Yemen's Houthi movement; Insulting the Sultan in Oman,  on the imprisonment of Omani activists in the wake of the Arab Spring; and Inside the $100 million Scheme to Send the Middle East's Most Unwanted People to Africa, a 6,000 word investigation into citizenship stripping for Vice News.

Peter has also worked as a field producer on several documentaries for Vice on HBO and the upcoming Viceland television channel. You can find a synopsis of the Vice on HBO segment on the rise of Yemen's Houthi movement, the first shoot by a Western film crew in the Houthi heartland of Sa'dah in over a decade, here.

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