Peter appears regularly as a commentator on Yemen and the Gulf in a wide range of print and broadcast media outlets. Here's what he has had to say recently:

In Print:

November 2015

Starvation in Yemen: 'We are hoping just to survive'

Peter Salisbury, a journalist and analyst with Chatham House who specialises in the Yemen conflict, said the situation has become dire for many Yemenis.

"A big chunk of the population is now on the verge of starvation," Salisbury told Al Jazeera. "The international community has been trying to bring aid in, but the bigger issue has been getting commercial volumes of food and fuel into the country."

October 2015

The Guardian: Saudis strike in response to Houthi Scud attack as forgotten war rages on

Peter Salisbury, an associate fellow with Chatham House, said agreement to talk was only the beginning. “When that has been made there a number of very difficult hurdles to cross, including the location and the basic parameters for the negotiations,” he said. “Things could fall apart before they get down to business.”


On TV:

See Peter discussing the political situation in Yemen in January 2015, shortly before civil war began, at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC on C-SPAN here.

On the Radio: