An Associate Fellow at the UK thinktank Chatham House since September 2015, Peter is a veteran political economy researcher who merges his skills as a political analyst with his lengthy experience of building large datasets to augment anecdotal evidence developed while working as a financial and economic journalist in London and Dubai. At MEED, the Middle East Economic Digest, he helped build the framework for a new data product, MEED Operations & Maintenance, and worked closely with data analysts at the publication's flagship business intelligence product, MEED Projects. 

Since moving to freelance work, Peter has continued to work on data-led research projects for MEED. Between 2011 and 2013 he worked with the Yemen Forum at the UK think tank Chatham House on a series of public and private research projects that  underpinned conventional political economy analysis with bespoke datasets tracking the key players in the country's political economy. Peter has acted as a political economy consultant to DfID, the UK government's Department of International Development, the UN's Economic and Social Commission on West Asia, the World Bank and a number of private clients.


With Chatham House

May 2016

Yemen: Stemming the Rise of a Chaos State

February 2015

Yemen and the Saudi-Iranian 'Cold War'

September 2013

Yemen: Corruption, Capital Flight and Global Drivers of Corruption

October 2011

Yemen's Economy: Oil, Imports and Elites


October 2015

Federalism, conflict and fragmentation in Yemen

Gerlach Press

October 2015

Rebuilding Yemen: political, economic and social challenges.

Chapter: Corruption in Yemen: Maintaining the Status Quo?